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Spreaders & Sprayers;
Get jobs done faster,
more accurately and
save on off-road Km’s

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Run your fleet more
efficiently with our
GPS based fleet
management system

helps transport businesses
save thousands

If your business operates in the transport industry, be it freight, forestry, spreading or maybe you have a sales fleet then chances are the PTNZ system can save you plenty of time and money.

Our highly accurate GPS mapping technology can help you keep track of every vehicle in your fleet. Easily pinpoint where vehicles have travelled, identify fastest-route options, track off-road kilometres, use for accurate RUC rebate claims and keep accurate records of jobs completed.

Is Precision Tracking right for you?

Perfect for spreading and spraying contractors - now you can easily prove when and where you have applied product.

Accurate on-screen instructions - which means jobs will be completed faster and more efficiently.

Accurate and efficient RUC rebates - take the pain out of rebate claims for kilometres completed off road. Our team will even submit the claims for you and guarantee their accuracy.

7 uses for the Precision Tracking system:

1. Live online vehicle tracking: easily organise and manage your fleet by knowing exactly where they are at all times.

2. Price trip estimates: use the distance route calculator to achieve accurate route planning, easily broken down to $ per unit (e.g. per km, head of stock, kg etc.).

3. Do you operate spreader trucks and want to keep your clients? Farmers report they are getting better service and results from their spreader contractor once our units are installed.

4. Fleet management and extensive reporting: perfect for driver training.

5. Roll-over detection: this means you will be notified if a roll-over occurs.

6. Time-on-site reports: This helps to assist with time sheets and invoicing.

7. Receive RUC rebates automatically: PTNZ process all the paperwork on your behalf.


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I’ve been using the Precision Tracking system for over two years and find it very easy to use. It makes the driver’s job easier which makes them more productive.

- Graham Kidd, Hobbs & Banks
  Mayfield Transport.

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Find out how PTNZ can save your business time and money

Click here to book a consultation with one of our specialists who will show you exactly how you can benefit from using accurate GPS technology.